I decided to go with a separate medium to tell my not-so-exciting tale. That way, I don’t go off topic and intersperse the tale with the everyday hodgepodge of my life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and decided that it might just be cathartic to revisit my life — people I’ve known, places I’ve been, things I’ve done. There are some extremely sensitive issues that I won’t go into detail on, as they’re too painful to revisit. They’ll be mentioned, of course, as they are part of the construction of who I am. I’ll be moving the first “act” from “What was I thinking” to the next post on this blog, and working from there.

This project takes some time to create posts, so it won’t likely be updated daily, but I’m shooting to try to update once per week, at a minimum. Right now we’re in a 3 week recess from classes and I’m likely to have more time now than in 3 weeks.

Wherever possible, I’ll try to post pictures but there are very few from my early years and, those that I do have, I can’t scan since my scanner shit the bed a couple of years ago and I just haven’t had much of need to buy a new one.

What makes me think anyone is interested in my “memoirs?” I’m not that arrogant — this is more of a way for me to work through some issues of my own and, often, when I write, it helps me to sort some stuff out. As I do that publicly, there will always be people who will read it — it’s like a train wreck…you just can’t help yourself.

And now, The Chronicles of Yawnia.