I sure as hell am! Now that there’s no QAF or L Word on the telly, I need something to encourage me to sit like a turd for a couple of hours!

Actually, Sundays during football season are my “selfish” days. I’ll work my buns off on Saturday and through the week to ensure that everything’s done by Sunday that needs to be done. That way I can sit and “turd” with a clean conscience. These days I’m knitting a lot, so it’s good “down time” for me.

Yesterday we went to our “part-time job” and did some preliminary “winterizing.” I trimmed shrubs for the first time in my life (yews) and I have to say that I’m very proud of how they look. I can’t believe they’re not just little sticks sitting in the ground — amazing what a little bit of confidence does for a person, eh? We weeded, trimmed trees, and the like, and spent the better part of 7 hours there. We felt good about what we’d done by the time we left. It’s nice having someone that you can work with so well — Lisa sort of takes charge deciding what needs to be done, and I just follow along. ME! Following! LOL!

While the trees are beginning to turn, they’re really behind in color. Usually by now you don’t have to scan the treeline looking for one that’s turning, but right now, you really have to look to find them.

The first weekend in October is the Fall Foliage Festival, which is traditionally when everything is at peak color — wonder if it’s going to be true this year. My aunt (the one we visited last weekend) is looking forward to going, and we’re looking forward to going with her. I think we’ll see if Michelle is available again this year. She had a great time last year, without the kids and Doug in tow. My aunt just adores her — sees a lot of grit and strength in her. I think it’d be fun to have all of us together.

Lisa’s formulating a plan to build a cover for the outside stairwell leading into the back room downstairs. It always fills with snow during the winter and for the past year or two, we’ve had a cheap piece of plywood over it, which has worked relatively well. We’ve been able to pile wood in that stairwell (for the fireplace) which we can access just by using the door downstairs. Now that she’s learned a thing or two from my uncle in woodworking, she’s got a design drawn up to build a simple, yet seemingly very functional cover for it. It’d be two pieces, with the top pieces overlapping so as not to let any snow between them. It’s 6 inches high on the side toward the house, and 4 inches on the other side — giving it enough of a pitch so that rain and melting snow will run off it into the yard, and not saturate the wood so that it bows and collapses like the plywood did. She’s a clever girl.

I have to laugh because when I took up the knitting, she was all excited because her grandmother had taught her to crochet — she was going to try to take that up. Nothing doing — crochet hooks and yarn don’t vibrate and make you feel the power in the same way that her power tools do! LOL! I’m thinking woodworking is more her style, and I’ll stick to the yarnwork. LOL! This is the plan for the blanket I’m starting for my grandson.

Hopefully I’ll have it done for Christmas — otherwise his birthday is in February. We’ll see.

OK — off to fix that light switch, then hunker down for week 1.